Big FUE is a procedure particularly suitable for people who want access to the best of the hair transplant industry. As part of this treatment, the best equipment is provided to bring a positive result. In addition, a special punch and the ideal temperature for a transplant are kept that will give you results that will stay with you forever.

BIG FUE procedure

  • Big FUE procedure takes 1 to 2 days with up to 3000 hair grafts per day
  • A sharp serrated Harris Punch is used to prevent tissue damage and to facilitate extraction
  • A blade is used which will cause less tissue damage and facilitate recovery
  • The graft is stored in Hypothermosol solution for best results.
  • A graft cooler is a specific device used to keep hair grafts at the correct temperature for transplantation.
  • With this procedure, the survival rate of hair transplant is higher than with any other procedure which leads to the best hair transplant results.
  • The grafts are not damaged and the maintenance implant is used, which guarantees optimal results.

Benefits of BIG FUE

  • The best machinery is used for the best results
  • Sharp serrated punches are used to prevent bleeding
  • Obtain good grafts
  • No grafts are damaged during the process
  • A hypothermosol solution is used to maintain proper temperature
  • The best hair transplant treatment you can do on your own

If you are looking for a BIG FUE treatment then, you should consult Dr Pranil More who is a professional dermatologist. He comprehends individual’s anatomy and provides closed results to patient’s expectations.

Disclaimer: Every patient’s recovery and results may vary from person to person