Male Hair Transplant

For men, nothing is horrific than losing their hairline. Every individual is very self-conscious about losing their hair and may lead to emotional issues. Nowadays, we all lose some hair every day and losing around 60- 100 strands a day is normal. But, going beyond it may be a sign of hair loss.

What is Male Hair Transplant?

A male hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that moves the hair from the healthy part of the body to the thinning or bald parts. The transplanted hair will act in a similar way to the hair from where it was taken. The male hair transplant is an ideal solution that is incredibly efficacious.

Under male pattern baldness, the hairline recedes and the exposure of bald area increases. It happens due to genetic factors and hormones which is the modified form of testosterone dihydrotestosterone. It is attached to the hair follicles on the scalp and causes them to shrink in size whereas the hair becomes shorter in length and light in colour.

Sometimes men also experience a thinning of hair at the top of the head. The hair transplant can also be executed if there is any injury or disease of the scalp.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair transplant can happen due to several reasons are as follows:

  • Pattern baldness
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Poor diet
  • Excessive hairstyling and colouring
  • Smoking
  • Hereditary
  • Natural ageing
  • Vitamin B deficiency in the body
  • Scalp infections
  • Physical stress
  • Emotional disorder

The procedure of Male Hair Transplant

The procedure of the male hair transplant will be executed under comfortable medication are as follows

Initially, Dr Pranil More will clean your scalp and inject the medicine to numb the backside of the head.

Depending on the condition of an individual, Dr Pranil More is an expertise of hair transplant. He will decide the methods for the hair transplant. There are two methods for the hair transplant

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

  • With the help of FUSS, the surgeon will remove a 6 to 10-inch strip of the skin from the backside of the head.
  • Promptly, the area is hidden by the hair
  • Subsequently, the surgeon will divide the strip of removed scalp into tiny grafts
  • The number of grafts relies on your hair type, colour, quality and the size of the area where the hair transplant is executed

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Under FUE procedure Dr Pranil More will shave down the hair in the area where follicles will be removed as well as around the transplant area.
  • Later, he will remove the hair follicles using a micropunch tool
  • The specific areas will heal with small dots where your existing hair will cover
  • Similar to the Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) procedure the surgeon will clean and numb the treating area where the hair will go that creates holes or slits with a scalpel
  • Eventually, each graft is placed in one of the holes

Benefits of Male Hair Transplant Surgery

With a successful male hair transplant surgery, you can get these benefits are as follows:

  • A permanent solution
  • Enhances appearance
  • High success rate
  • No bald spots
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Low possibility of complication
  • Negligible maintenance

Recovery from Male Hair Transplant

  • Take medication as prescribed by the doctor that includes antibiotic and anti-inflammatory
  • Wear bandages over the scalp for at least 24 to 48 hours
  • Most people start working after 2 days or 5 days of surgery
  • After 14 to 21 days of surgery, the transplanted hair will fall but you should start noticing new growth
  • Most people experience a 60% of growing hair after 6 to 9 months

Dr Pranil More is a highly qualified dermatologist who has many years of experience and done thousands of treatments with positive outcome. He is diligent worker and people approaches him for his fantastic work.

Disclaimer: Every patient’s recovery and results may vary from person to person